Jeff Stewart


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Sergeant Jeff Stewart is a 23-year veteran of the Garfield, NJ Police Department and currently serves as the Commander of the Community Affairs Division. Throughout his career, Jeff has been dedicated to bridging the gap between law enforcement and the community. He is the Vice President of the NJ State Community Affairs Officers Association, a National subject matter expert in collaborative policing, and has taught in-service and criminal justice students at top Universities about positive community engagement and diversity within law enforcement. In addition, Jeff sits on the Board of Directors for 1-800-Gambler as the Law Enforcement liaison and has worked with top law enforcement officials, University Professors, and community leaders around the world.

Jeff is also committed to making Garfield, NJ a more age-friendly community. As the Project Coordinator for Garfield’s Age Friendly initiative, Generations for Garfield, since 2018. He promotes age-friendliness and diverse multigenerational engagement in the town through weekly produce markets, lunch-and-learns, and the Garfield Community Engagement Center.

Jeff values the WYSM program for its efforts in promoting better understanding and collaboration between law enforcement and the community, reducing crime and violence, and rebuilding trust and transparency. This aligns with Jeff’s personal mission of building better communities one positive interaction at a time and making the world a better place for everyone. With an open mind and a willingness to learn and collaborate, Jeff is a true hero in his community.