Melvin McGuire


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Mel McGuire is a retired Commander of the Long Beach Police Department, who served over 24 years as a sworn police officer for the City of Long Beach California. During his career, he held the ranks of Patrol Officer, Detective, Sergeant, Lieutenant, and Commander.

He worked several assignments during his career including Patrol, School Resource Officer, Juvenile Gang Detective, Internal Affairs, and trained new Supervisors as a Sergeant and Lieutenant.

He is an accomplished public speaker and facilitator, with over forty years of teaching and training in a variety of subjects. He is probably best known in the law enforcement community for his Active Shooter Response training, which include both classroom and scenario-based training.

He is passionate about training and has trained both sworn and civilian personnel around the country, using his energetic, engaging, and adult learning teaching style.

He believes that training should make you better, not just different. He wants to promote growth and not simply change.

You can change without growing, but you cannot grow without changing.

Melvin McGuire

He created a training to specifically teach police officers some of the historical relationships between law enforcement and minority communities that impact modern policing methods.

His police career was born during the Community Policing era and he has always been a strong supporter of Why’d You Stop Me. He believes the relationship between the public and the police is rooted in communication, and breaking down those barriers will increase public and officer safety.

He is happily married and is a proud father of an adult daughter. Mel is an ordained minister, an avid golfer, baker, and sports fan. He uses his hobbies and life experiences to enhance his teaching styles, bringing real world examples and life lessons into the training environment to keep his training relevant and applicable.