Michael Saigeon


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Michael Saigeon is the founder and servant leader for the Non-Profit, Project Lifelong in Sacramento, California. In 2010, Michael started the youth-serving non-profit when he was a deputy sheriff for the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office. His founding goal was to have experiential programs/activities where youth could have positive experiences with law enforcement. Michael retired from the Sheriff’s Office in 2017 after an almost fifteen-year career in law enforcement, where he spent seven of those years assigned to the Youth Services Unit.

I believe leadership is about elevating others around you and making it so they feel they are the ones driving the mission.

Michael Saigeon

Michael’s commitment to helping youth and communities thrive continues today as he is honored to work with Team WYSM as their Program Manager for the Train-the-Trainer (T4T) program. Michael’s enduring passion for keeping youth connected to their community is akin to WYSM Founder, Jason Lehman, and his vision of eliminating violence between police and the communities they are sworn to protect and serve.

Michael’s fulltime job is being a devoted husband to his longtime crush, Jennifer, who teaches high school theater, and a committed father to Gabriel, who is the best thing that has ever happened to him.

To learn more about Michael, feel free to visit linkedin.com/in/founderofsacscip