Sunshine Daye


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Growing up in a diverse part of the Bronx, Sunshine learned to honor each individual’s humanness and divinity. Her depth and breadth of study, 3 plus decades of sobriety and life experience gives her a unique ability to meet people where they are and to appreciate the beauty in everyone, everywhere.

Sunshine Daye is a gifted speaker, facilitator and author who transforms lives and helps people live their genuine life by using simple life-affirming practices. She is an ordained minister with a Master’s degree in Conscious Leadership and the author of “Begin Within – A Playbook for Living Your Genuine Life.” She studied under the guidance of Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith.

Sunshine lives a life in action; She serves as Spiritual Director at Vida Spiritual Learning Center, Consultant Facilitator with WYSM, Lead Facilitator and Consultant with Embassy Consulting, Spiritual Director at Roots through Recovery & Dee’s Recovery House, and as Self-Mastery Consultant. Sunshine is well versed in facilitating and leading diverse groups of people in discovering and uncovering hidden beliefs that contribute to dysfunctional and ineffective work/life performance and replacing them with what works.

My life is amazing and I enjoy contributing and sharing my skills, gifts and talent with others in an effort to connect and be a beneficial presence on the planet. That is why I enjoy working with WYSM and Jason Lehman. Wysm’s programs are designed to empower, honor and train leaders in the community.  I am here for that – creating caring communities.

Sunshine Daye

The sectors Sunshine enjoys working with include; Police Departments (Long Beach, Burbank, San Diego, La Mirada Police, +) City/Government Staff (Long Beach City Staff, Long Beach Health Department, +) School Districts – Staff and Students (LAUSD, LBUSD, SDUSD, Los Alamitos, ABC USD, Green Dot USD +) Correctional Facilities & Juvenile Halls, Alcohol & Addiction Facilities and for and not for profit organizations.

In recognition of her generous contributions to creating caring communities, she was awarded the Gene Lentzner Human Relations Awards from the California Conference for Equality and Justice, and honored as the Female Community Grand Marshal for the Long Beach Pride Parade and Festival.

When you experience her energy and the joy that radiates from her you will understand why Sunshine’s motto is: By valuing and empowering all, we inspire a joyous and fulfilling life.