Our Trainers


Gregory Sanders

Gregory Sanders is the founder and senior pastor of The ROCK Christian Fellowship in Long Beach, California, and member of WYSM’s Advisory Board. As an active community advocate for over twenty years, he has strives to balance ties between pastors, police, and the public.


Zeena Ashby

A current substance abuse counselor and advocate for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, Zeena uses her story to save lives. Since 2014, Zeena has worked as a Community Champion and Master Trainer with the Why'd You Stop Me? organization.



Armando R. Yearwood

Armando Yearwood is a retired Long Beach Detective, and retired United States Marine.
Armando spent 10 plus years as a Gang Enforcement Investigator, where he and his team were responsible for diminishing crime in many of the most violent neighborhoods in the City of Long

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