A big part of our Why’d You Stop Me? (WYSM) mission involves providing programs and workshops to those audiences who will benefit from our empowerment messaging. We welcome the opportunity to share our ideas and experiences with the broader law enforcement community, middle schools, high schools, youth leaders, colleges and universities, activists, policymakers, incarcerated persons, as well as any organization working to improve leadership and better understand our proven system to build trust between police and the community. Just by submitting this form, you have proven to us that you are dedicated to reducing acts of violence between police and the community while better empowering the members of your organization to utilize our system in an effort to improve cooperation and increase understanding.
To help us make the most informed decision about your request for our WYSM team to bring a workshop to your organization or speak at your event, class or conference, please fill out the following questionnaire. We’ll get back in touch with you shortly. Our founder Jason Lehman and our entire WYSM Organization thanks you for your interest in our training/messaging.
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