An engaging course providing officers with effective, real-life tools and strategic communication techniques to enhance officer safety and improve interactions between the police and the public. Officers will learn how to respond safely and effectively to community needs through the application of procedural justice and de- escalation strategies for use before, during and after interactions with community members. Created by National Subject Matter Expert on Community Policing and retired Long Beach Police Department Sergeant Jason Lehman and facilitated by a team of law enforcement and community leaders, this course incorporates thought-stimulating discussions, personal perspectives, and scenario-based exercises that challenge the status quo and engages participants for learning and leadership development in the 21st Century.

Law Enforcement:
· The Foundation of Fairness: 4 Pillars to build a stable “Table” and prove effective decision-making
· De-escalation: A discussion on physical and emotional safety post-George Floyd era
· Be the Change. Take the reins: Improving the future of policing
· 12 Tools: Adding tangible engagement concepts to your “tool belt”
· The Difficult Ones: Deeper community engagement to improve police legitimacy
· E+R=O: Positively responding to today’s turbulent times
· Battling Bias through Relationship-Building: Maintaining your voice in your relationships
· The Confident Close: Improving physical and mental toughness
· The Angel and the Devil: Law enforcement social media in the 21st Century
· STOP “Stop Resisting”: A discussion on Strategic Communication
· But Really, Why’d You Stop Me?: The intentional art of Trust-Building (with sexual assault and domestic violence advocate Zeena Valenzuela)***
· E.T.H.I.C.A.L: Explaining The Hard Intentional Choices and Actively Listening. (with Pastor Charles Myles)***
· Community Policing in the 21st Century: What part of the “community” are we truly engaging?
· The Buy-In: Positively influencing behaviors
· We don’t like change and we don’t like the way it is: Positive mindset for personal growth
· From briefing to End of Watch: The importance of on-scene leadership
· Answering the “Why”: A generational 21st Century leadership requirement
· The Founder & The Future: “Real” Risk Management in the 21st Century (with Gordon Graham)***

· Identifying “Perspective”: Diving deeper into “Perception” to locate it’s roots
· The Criticality of the Critical Incident: PTSD and PTSI recovery (with USMC Gunnery Sergeant (ret.) and Police Detective (ret.) Armando Yearwood)***

Fire Service:
· 21st Century Leadership: Improving trust in the firehouse
· O.S.T.B: On-scene trust-building