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Each of our engaging and customizable courses provides today’s youth and adult community leaders with real-life tools & communication techniques that build bonds and enhance safety.

When engaging in communication with friends, family, peers, and the figures of authority in their life, it is imperative community members have a skill set to succeed while feeling empowered throughout the process.

Our scenario-involved training help community attendees the value of seeking to understand one another better. Created by retired Long Beach Police Sergeant Jason Lehman & facilitated by a team of law enforcement & community leaders, these courses incorporate thought-­stimulating discussions, personal perspectives, & scenario-­based exercises that challenge the status quo & engage participants for effective learning & leadership development.

WYSM Community Empowerment programs are built to honor the leaders in our community by providing training that helps us work together to achieve our greatness.

Please get in touch with us for more details and to discuss how we can bring our classes to your community.

Community Classes

  • T.A.G (Together Achieving Greatness) YOUTH: A leadership program designed to help youth better understand why the leaders in their lives do the things they do in the ways they do them
  • T.A.G. (Together Achieving Greatness) ADULT: A leadership program designed to help adults better understand why first responders do what they do.
  • The Dialogue: Facilitation of Police and Community dialogues where both sides get together for real and authentic conversations about real problems
  • The Town Hall: Let our facilitators assist you in building a 21st Century space to discuss real concerns with our master facilitators
  • The Contact: Looking at police and public contacts from both sides WYSM 148: Resisting arrest diversion for youth or adults
  • From Duty to Desire: A discussion on police and community leadership (effective to both law enforcement and community audiences)
  • The Next Step: A training for the re-entry population (both inside of jail/prison and on supervised release)
  • 1-day Community Police Academy: Let us bring a community police academy to your agency, organization, or group

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If you have questions about any of our classes or want to schedule us to come to your community, please reach out to us through our contact form. A member of our team will be in touch as soon as possible!