Charles Myles


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Charles Myles was a government contractor for about twenty years, and since then, he has been a full-time Pastor. As a pastor, Charles engaged with the community in many different areas.

One of his desires is for everyone within the community to feel valued, respected, and safe, including all the people within the communities, leaders, officers, and first responders who are called to serve, protect, and keep the community safe. Charles believes we are in a place within our society and communities where there are too many unjust, violent acts between officers and the communities they serve. In recognizing this, Charles felt the need to start bridging the gap between officers and community members.

Never in a million years would I have ever thought I would be training Police Officers and first responders. We have an opportunity before us within our society and communities to achieve a oneness that has never been achieved before. I genuinely believe this can happen if we all have dignity for every person and value the importance of every heartbeat. Every heartbeat is important. Every life must be valued!

Charles Myles

He has personally chosen to work with WYSM because it gives him the opportunity to train officers, first responders, and community members. His specialty area of training is in community engagement, giving the community members, officers, and first responders an understanding and perspective of each other. In doing so, he belives he can bridge the gap between us all and reduce our fears of each other. With the intent of reducing violent acts against each other. His goal is to move forward together with a shared desire for a safer community where community members, officers, and first responders feel respected and have reverence for one another.